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Friday, December 16, 2005

where is everybody?

Remember those old British Airways commercials? The ones where someone would wake up and there would be no one around as they drove through London? I liked those.

It's quiet in the knit-blogosphere today. Is it because typepad has crashed? Or is everyone off knitting on their Christmas presents? Only 9 days left (well closer to 8 at this point, since it's almost 4 pm).


Lolly said...

Ah! Today was actually a busy day at work for me... doesn't happen often. I usually get the chance to surf blogs there ;)

Have a good weekend, A!

kim said...

i noticed the same thing. i wanted to waste some time earlier surfing and there were few updates

i know on my part, i've been both extra busy and extra lazy recently (not a good combo)... i hope to get a post in this weekend, although i don't have a lot of knitting to show!

enjoy the weekend!!