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Friday, December 16, 2005

Anyone want a cabled sweater dress?

Seriously, doesn't this look like it could be a dress? Some ribbing at the waist and cabling on the bodice and skirt? Gosh I hope this doesn't look really dumb on. I've got one more cable to make then just a couple of rows to the shoulder bind offs. Then, woot! the knitting (except for neckline) is done. Time to block this bad boy. Granted, the finishing is going to take forever, but all those stitches, they are finished. As soon as I bind off tonight, I will immediately cast on for Billy's. I could have finished knitting Hubby's last night, but I was seduced by some ice cream and bothered by the dog and I just didn't get as much done. I don't know how much sleep I'll be getting between now and Christmas while I try to finish these up. I do know that I want to make Billy one of these for his birthday. But, we won't call it Kate. I'm leaning toward using ASC for washability. I'm also thinking I'll do it with a gold body and blue "clothes" so it's in our town colors. And I may duplicate stitch a C with a cougar paw on it (HS mascot is a cougar). What do you think? Got my cork in the mail yesterday. 4to4 is one of the best eBay sellers. The green is a bit more yellow than I thought, but will go great with the orange I already have for a birthday sweater for Billy. I don't know what I'll do with the rest of it. I wonder how it would dye. Look at me, planning future knitting with a whole cabled sweater to knit (not to mention two to finish) in the next nine days. (We won't even contemplate the house work that needs to be done nor the Christmas cards yet to be mailed nor the shopping that isn't done nor the gifts needing to be wrapped.)

I'm having a hard time not eating the cookies I brought in for our putluck luncheon. Maybe I should go get a snack.

So, to update the day care saga, we have 8 appointments next week (not all have immediate openings). And Billy was bitten yesterday. Seems he was trying to take a toy from a kid and tried to bite the kid, but the kid bit Billy. Now, I'm hoping it's a learning experience for B and am not too upset that he was bitten (especially since no skin was broken). But, I have one important question, if they're supposed to be preventing biting incidents by stopping my kid when he even thinks of attempting to bite someone, why in blue hell was this incident allowed to progress so far? I think 24 toddlers in one room is way too many, regardless of how many adults are in there.

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