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Friday, October 28, 2005

just a quick update

Just wanted to let you all know that Billy's murmur is "soft" and nothing to worry about. The doctor said it requires no intervention and no follow-up. I think Hubby exhaled for the first time in two weeks.

Billy was awesome. The only time he fussed was when we were kept waiting for the echo cardiogram/ultrasound. He didn't fuss a bit during the EKG or the echo. He's such a great kid. Charmed them all. The ultrasound tech was pretty impressed when he said Elmo.

I was really impressed with the doctor and his staff. Very nice and professional. I'm very happy I shouldn't need to see them again!


Susan said...

That's great news!!! :-)

Jeanie said...

That's great news! See??? Told ya ;-) Teasing! I know you and your DH both feel better now!