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Friday, December 30, 2005

New Years resolutions, more or less

Eat less (pretty self-explanatory. The conspicuous consumption isn’t just the new material goods cluttering my house if you know what I mean)

Exercise more (gee, I’ve got a membership to Curves, ask me how many times I’ve been in the last four weeks)

Stash less (lots of this going on lately, see sidebar for stealth stash that I’ve not mentioned)

Knit more (list of to knits keeps getting longer, sister socks, boot socks for hubby, birthday knits for Billy, not to mention all those things I say I’m going to knit for myself)

Complain less (it will definitely help with the below)

Smile more (just for hubby)

Clutter less (my house, oh my poor house)

Clean more (companion to the above)

Although, as usual, it will probably be more eating, less exercising, more stashing, less knitting, etc. Don't do anything I wouldn't do tomorrow night (which still leaves you A LOT of territory). See you on the flip side!

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