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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Of cables and swatches

I swatched for the Kroy Kristmas socks yesterday on the way home. I went up to a US2 and got gauge. I cast-on and started again. I haven't gotten too far, but I can already tell that the fabric is much more giving.

I worked a little bit on Hubby's Christmas Cables while watching LOST. I also did a row on the subway this morning. Since this is such a large project, I figured it has to travel on the bus with me if I'm going to make much headway.

Could the writers of LOST be a little more cruel? Sayid and Shannon find each other and then they go and have stupid Ana Lucia shoot her. (I hate that woman.) Shannon wasn't my favorite character, but why break Sayid's heart right after they have sex for the first time? Finally, we've got some release from all the tension, and blame, gut-shot. Granted, I know someone was supposed to die, but they lost that tail-section lady. (Claire I think her name was.) I think there will be some moaning and groaning that we're going to be losing the "original plot" now that the next few episodes focus on the tail section survivors. I don't think I want to see flash backs of Ana Lucia.

It's getting harder and harder not to stash.

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Lolly said...

Well, its not confirmed that Shannon is dead is it? Yeah, I wasn't too crazy about the way it ended... and since they are doing this back track thing now, we may not know for another long time! The woman in the tail section was called Cindy, I think.

Weird to have a whole episode without Jack or Kate--