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Monday, October 24, 2005

Fiesta and prize

So, not too much progress on Shadow after Friday night. I'm about three inches from the armhole shaping. Hopefully, I'll get there tonight watching the Jets on MNF.

Saturday was spent working on this every chance I got. It's a garter stitch scarf from four colors of Cork. The orange, blue and green you will see again when I start Billy's birthday sweater. Right now this is for me. I'm calling it Fiestawear. (I get the red because there's only one ball.) It's nearly done. I cast on 210 stitches using the crochet cast on Saturday morning and I'll cast off tonight while Billy takes his meds. If there's time I'll fill out the fringe a bit. This is going to look great with my winter coat. Hubby even likes it! (I was surpised since the colors are a bit loud.) I can't wait to get it off the needles to see how it looks. Now, to figure out a matching hat.

Saturday was a great mail day (even though the weather left a great deal to be desired). I got this loveliness. It was my prize for winning Vickie's quiz over at Knitten Knots. 220 m of hand-dyed, bulky weight Merino. MMMMM. Definitely a scarf or cowl to go with my winter dress coat. The colors are perfect (a bit washed out here). Purple through raspberry with lots of reds in-between. Yummo!

Well, Hubby and I officially have colds. And, we're extending Billy's lung meds for a few days because he's got a new cough and such. 'Tis the season for germs! I will be drinking much hot tea today to combat this dry, scratchy throat. I'm not feeling too bad right now, just bad enough that I couldn't get to sleep last night. Must get to bed early tonight (yeah, probably at half-time of the Jets game). Hubby and I are going to see Cream at Madison Square Garden tomorrow!

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Jeanie said...

Hey Annette! I love your scarf! Can't wait to see it finished! And that yarn is yummy!!! You lucky girl!

So when is Billy's cardio appointment?

Hope you feel better soon!