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Friday, November 18, 2005

lonely Harry Potter geekdom

So, Hubby will be babysitting tonight and I'll be going to see Goblet of Fire. By myself. I don't normally mind going to the movies alone. But, there's such an HP community out there, I feel a little lonely. However, I'm totally stoked that I get to go see it!

I'm also an exhausted, lonely, HP geek. Hubby and I went to see bruuuuce last night (all lower case because it was solo and acoustic). That guy rocks. Hubby said Wed's show was better, but I enjoyed last night. The tailgate wasn't so much fun. The Meadowlands at 37 degrees F is cold.

I dug out my winter coat this morning. I was really looking forward to wearing Fiesta today, but I couldn't find her. Darn coat closet. I will look harder tonight. I think this cold snap's going to stick around for a while.

Because of last night's activities, not much progress on Christmas Cables. I'm sticking to my goal of getting the front finished this weekend and a sleeve started.

Have a good weekend everybody (and thanks for the reassurance that it is bloglines)!


Jenifer said...

Hey there Annette ... I can't wait to see the HP movie either ... it's definitely worth being a geek over. :) And as for bloglines ... I moved blogs last June, and there's still like over 100 subscribers to the old one, and even fewer for my new one. I think bloglines is weird and not to be trusted. Plus, I accidentally subscribed to a blog twice, and she has 12 subscribers on one feed, and over 50 on the other feed. What's up with all the different feeds??

Anyhow, take care!

Lolly said...

So, now it is cold in NJ ;) how things change!

I can't wait to see HP--but it looks like I have to wait till next weekend! I have too much to do. Oh well, it will be just as sweet then. :)