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Friday, November 11, 2005

rambles of a tired knitter

Sounds like a whole new blog, doesn't it?

I am really, really tired. This going to bed at 11 and getting up at 5 isn't working for me. I have to stop watching so much darned TV. (Especially since I'm not even knitting that much while watching!) I've been sleeping on the bus a lot lately, too. (That's also cutting into my knitting time.)

We let Billy sleep in this morning so I haven't seen him since I put him to bed last night. He's coughing again and the meds don't seem to be helping so much. M-i-L is staying with him today and taking him to the Dr at 1. I think we're just going to have to keep nebulizing forever. I don't really mind doing it, and I don't think he really minds, but I don't really like the new schedule. He's getting to bed later and getting up earlier and I feel like I'm rushing around in the morning and at night.

Good thing about M-i-L at the house all day is that she's making dinner (and my diswasher will get emptied).

Last night we took our first family portraits. Day care had a photographer come in Weds and Thurs to do shots of the kids and opened a few evening slots for families. I think we got some good shots.

There was this mom ahead of us, though, who was a piece of work. She and her son took a lot of shots in different poses and then she had the photog do his solo shots (severly disappointed that he wasn't going to have the same backdrops and props the other kids did the last two days), and then she had some solo shots of herself done! Um, hello! The appointments were only for 1/2 hour! We took less than 15 minutes. A family after us had extended family members with them and I was glad we were getting out of there! People are nuts! I'm keeping the family shots a secret. I want people to be surprised when they get their Christmas cards (I may frame and gift to my parents and sisters depending on what package we get).

The photographer remembered Billy from Weds. Seems he did NOT want her to take his picture Weds so they had to re-do them yesterday. She cracked up because he was so smiley and happy taking them with us!

I'm surprised to say that Hubby's Christmas Cable is over 9" at this point. It feels like I've barely touched it all week. Still, I really have to get cracking on these sweaters.

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