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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

letting you all down

Okay, I don't have pics of the Christmas Cable progress. And, I didn't finish the first Kristmas Kroy sock last night. I'm a big ole pile of disappointment today (add to the fact that I've shared no yarn porn in a month and a half and I'm a boring knit-read).

I did start the toe decreases for the Kroy socks. Depending on if I can keep my eyes open on the ride home tonight, I should have appreciable progress to show tomorrow.

I am thinking of placing an order with Knit Picks. Hubby said he wants black socks for Christmas (not sure WHEN I'd be able to knit them, but any excuse to stash). Of course, I'd have to order more than just a couple of balls of Essential in black to get the free shipping. I probably won't buy anything, though. My holiday knitting plate is full up and I feel guilty thinking of all those projects waiting for me at home (after the three Christmas presents, I've got a Birthday Bucket to knit for my dad and his birthday is 4 days after Christmas, Hubby's Debbie Bliss Ribby, a birthday sweater for Billy, and F-I-L's '06 sweater to knit).

Hubby's Christmas Cable is taking forever. I know, the speed of Shadow has spoiled me. Since there's no armhole shaping on this bad boy, I'm going to be taking a lot longer than a week to finish the larger pieces.

I'm kind of happy my other sister hasn't gotten back to me about her foot measurements. I'd never be able to finish her knee socks in time.

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