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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

a back begins

Yeah, I started the back for Hubby's Christmas Cables. Cast on last night on the bus. Because I'm stupid crazy (or because we had that purple bottle of Luna di Luna, Sangiovese and Merlot blend, at dinner), I decided to cable it. I've got through about 1 and a half repeats. Good thing I ordered some other stuff to put under the tree. (Of course the sweater may be a big flop as a gift so doubly good I decided to get some other giffs.) Actually, I decided to cable it because I realized that I've barely used any of the contrast colors and I'll have enough of those to work the 3" rib section on the chest of Billy's or even stripe his sleeves or something. Well, here's your photographic proof. I must say, I'll be happy to start working on something else.

I spent some time while dinner was cooking and my boys were running errands last night trying to get a decent shot of the ornament I made for Billy's class Christmas tree. It was hard to photograph. I took 15 shots and got this one by partially obscuring the flash. I tried taking flashless pics, but they all came out blurry. I'm kind of embarrased to be posting this, overall it's rather 70s looking, but I'm very proud of the garland. I didn't have a pattern and winged it based on some garland my grandmother had made. It's nice and ruffly, don't you think. I think the entire thing would have come out better if I'd had something besides construction paper to work with. Next time, I back it with paperboard or something. I will proudly hang it forever and ever (even though I might tell people Billy did the glueing).

In other news, we were fortunate with the snow. Cranford barely got anything and we had a nice quick ride in. Well, until a truck tapped the bus's side mirror and we spent time stopped at the exit of the Turnpike trying to get it re-adjusted.

Not much going on but work, work, work.

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