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Friday, December 30, 2005

gearing up

Man, you should see my fridge. The way hubby went crazy at the liquor store, you'd think we were going to have more than four guests for the weekend. Of course, one case of chianti was for us (one of our all-time favorite wines we don't see as much anymore) and isn't in the fridge, but the margarita mix, beer, champagne and three bottles of white wine are just him trying to be the host with the most. I'm trying to convince him he doesn't need to make a full-blown dinner tomorrow with all the finger foods he has crowding our freezer. He's known my family for nearly 11 years, why the need to still wow them?

Of course, I've known my family for my whole life and still feel the need to make the house presentable for them. I spent until 10:30 last night cleaning, vacuuming, and wrapping presents. It felt good to sit down and mellow out before bed.

Why do I have to get them presents anyway? I gave them their only grandson and nephew. Isn't he gift enough? He's not even two yet. I'm sure the newness hasn't worn off.

You know it's a quiet day in the blogosphere when you get caught up on all your regular reads in less than 25 minutes. I think I may have to finish those appraisals today. It's so quiet around here I'm going to fall asleep at my desk if I don't keep busy. And today is going to drag on so. I get to leave an hour early (two hours if I were sane and got to work at 9 like most people), but still. The anticipation of seeing my family is going to drive me nuts.

Speaking of my kid. He said his first two intelligible sentences yesterday. He said "I got blocks" and "I want eat." I wish I could have heard him.

He cracks me up. At dinner last night he didn't want to sit in his high chair, he wanted to sit with me. (Mind you we went out for dinner, cook is a four-letter word in my house.) He hasn't figured out that his tantrums would be more effective if he screamed while throwing himself back and opening his mouth as wide as possible. I think he needs more practice. Anywho, he was more than happy to put his mouth to use when the mac and cheese came.

I'm plugging away on the sleeves for his cabled sweater and oh so looking forward to starting hubby's red ribby. Not to mention his boot socks and Billy's birthday gifts. Dad's hat finally dried this morning. I wrapped it up without taking a pic. I will get one of him modeling it.

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