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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thursdays seem a little bit better

I don't know if it's that tomorrow is Friday or that Herrschner's posts their new sales today, but Thursdays do seem to be one of the happier days of the week. (Just don't tell me it's because yesterday was a two pill day, we're trying to wean down, remember?)

Maybe it's because LOST was on last night *if you haven't seen it skip this paragraph, no actual spoilers, but I do discuss content*. Now, I don't think every episode was great and I sometimes get frustrated because I'm left with more questions than answers, but it's still a great ride. I do have one question last night, what made Wayne so inherently evil and repugnant to Kate? Ok, two questions, what's up with the horse? Ecko just keeps getting cooler and cooler. I like that he's a bit more skeptical than Locke, although we all know he's a man of great faith. Kudos to the casting director for that show.

Maybe it's because Hubby's going out tonight and I get the big TV for CBS. Oh, that's just so lame. But, CSI is much better on a 48".

Maybe it's because I don't have to drive on any highways tonight and can get the kid to bed at a decent time. Man, highway driving with a whiny toddler, in the dark, is just not a relaxing way to spend the evening.

Or maybe, it's not that it's Thursday, maybe it's that I've made mucho progress on Hubby's second sleeve. Okay, I know, crappy photo. The first sleeve took 6 days, I'm hoping to get this one done by the weekend. I've also pretty much decided that the back is going to be all 3x3 rib. For two reasons: time and yardage. I'm concerned I'l be running out of both. My goal this weekend is to get the back started.

Maybe it's because it's December 1 and I now give myself permission to get into the holiday spirit. And I know that this year of illness for my family is almost over and I have great hopes for '06 being healthier (at least we'll all know what meds we need to take this time around, especially me).

Maybe it's jsut that it's not rainy today and a sunny morning always makes things seem a bit more bearable.

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Lolly said...

I have no idea what was up with that horse... weird. It is cool to learn more about Ecko though. I like his character.