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Friday, December 09, 2005

just about 8

So, I've started the eighth repeat on Hubby's Christmas Cable. Yeah, so much for getting about two done everyday. I didn't get a knittable seat on the bus home and CBS was just to engrossing. (Although, I'm getting tired of shows treating post-partum psychosis as some sort of disease of psycho-killer moms.)

Looks like we might get just about 8" of snow. Fortunately, daycare was open this morning and the bus ride was only 20 minutes longer than normal. Hubby made it in okay, too. The good news is that the snow will have stopped by the time I leave for the party and the roads should be in good shape by evening rush.

That's about all I've got for an 8 theme.

Sorry to inundate you with the grossness of parenthood. The good news is that whatever the rash was that Miss J saw, it was temporary. Things were perfectly normal last night. Maybe he had a reaction to something he ate or it was a heat rash or something. Anyway, let me know if it's TMI.

Hubby and I hope to get the Christmas shopping done tomorrow and maybe I'll get around to decorating the house. I'm tired of bumping into the boxes of decorations that are strewn about the house. Maybe this winter wonderland will motivate me abit.

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