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Monday, November 28, 2005

the sum total

So, this is the sum total of my holiday knitting. Well, not entirely true, I finished the front of Hubby's Christmas Cable as well, just a few rows and the shoulder bind offs. (I didn't feel like dragging it in for a photo shoot. I'll post a pic some time, maye when I block it.) I started this sleeve in the van on Wednesday, worked a little during the commercials during LOST, picked it up again on the way home Saturday, and did about 12 rows yesterday on the way to church and this morning on the way to work. It's a very nice sleeve and I only have about 36 rows to go. Unfortunately, I have to make a second piece just like the front (but bigger, no neckline shaping) and another 3x3x3x3 ad infinitum sleeve. Boy, this was so not a good idea.

I must say that, knitting progress notwithstanding, we had a good trip. Billy was awesome for both rides (which were hours shorter than last year, it's so key to avoid I95). Molly is always a good rider as well. We had a great visit with the great-grands and M-i-L's brother and his family. Hubby out did himself in the kitchen (he makes the best gravy in the family so gets to take over cooking responsibilities). The turkey was outstanding. I ate and drank and didn't gain a pound! We purchased almost all of Billy's Christmas presents, all we need are stocking stuffers. I picked up a few things for my parents. We went to see "Walk the Line," which I highly recommend, especially if you like Johnny Cash at all. My only downer was Saturday morning when Billy decided to get up at 3:30. Now, he's sweet and happy when he gets up, but that's just way too early. I think it was payback for our waking him at 4:40 on Wednesday. I'm kind of looking forward to next year.

Hubby gets so much credit. He was super patient with everybody, did a great job driving, and was all-around awesome. Now, if only he were smaller.

Sorry for the short, scatter-shot post, but this is a busy week and I've got to get back to work.

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Lolly said...

Glad the trip and the holiday went well for you, A. Sorry about the early mornings though!