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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

executive decision time

I decided to boss my knitting around last night. I was beginning to get very worried that I would not have enough yarn to finish both Christmas cables seeing as how I was rapidly approaching balls 7 and 8 and only half-way through the back. So I finally washed my swatch and realized that I'll get plenty of length when this thing hits water and I block it and that I shouldn't be knitting to length as per the pattern. (I know I recently saw someone on a knitblog espouse about knitting rows instead of inches, I think it was Jenna at Girl from Auntie.) Instead, I calculated the rows needed to get to the length and will finish the front that way. Next, I will knit a sleeve. If I find I'm still using way too much yarn, I'm going to knit the backs in plain st st.

In other news, there is no other news. I was in a seriously crappy mood (long commute, late Hubby, subway crap), but I'm not anymore (having a 10 am meeting postponed always helps). It also helps that I get to leave at 3:30 today. Not that I want to spend my evening with my psychiatrist, but it's good to make sure we keep the wheels greased. (Yup, mixed metaphor, what do you want?) I'm torn about whether or not I want to push him to start weaning me off my SSRIs. My PPD has been in remission for over a year and I've succumbed to the anti-depressant weight gain (40 lbs since diagnosis), two very good reasons to think about getting off the meds. But, I'm on such an even keel right now, I don't know if I want to mess with it. I do get cranky and blue like everyone else, but I'm so much more rational about it!

I'm starting to get excited about Christmas. I can't wait for Billy to see the tree in the house all lit up. He's going to just explode with giggles and excitement and the silliness of a tree in the house. I imagine I'll hear "tree" and "ight" over and over for hours!

Since I don't have progress pics of Cables, I'll give you some gratutitous kid shots. He started his Christmas shopping this morning. Of course, he was looking for things for his favorite girl (Molly Bulldog).

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Jenifer said...

Hey Annette! Thanks for the comment on the blog ... yeah, I think that the whole "what kind of feminist are you" thing is sort of problematic, but I think that it mostly bothers me when there's one thing out there that everyone tells you to do if "you want to be a feminist." Anyhow, you know what I mean ... :)