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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

planning a little trip to a wet area

As usual I had a bunch of interesting things to say last night. I'm sure I had a great post composed in my head a half-dozend times. I sit down and there's nothing.

I finished Nattie's Kroy Kristmas sock this morning. I got through most of the toe shaping last night. Unfortunately, I can't put the darn thing on my foot and her feet are bigger than mine. I checked my gauge on the foot and it's about 12 st/inch. I kid you not. I will be swatching with US3 this afternoon and starting over. This bad boy will be going to the frog pond. I don't really mind frogging things, but with deadline knitting I can't help but think of the time I wasted by not swatching!
Here's a pic of my progress on Hubby's Christmas Cables. It's now about 7" and I've finished five full repeats. Only about 18" to go. Must knit more. I knit during Bones last night, didn't knit during House and nearly fell asleep during L&O: SVU. Too much TV. I will knit during LOST tonight and perhaps if I stay up after 10 (I shouldn't, I'm exhausted).

I also need to find time to clean my house. The clutter and the dust bunnies are getting to me (and that's saying a lot, I have a high clutter/dust tolerance level). I'm sure my slovenly house keeping hasn't been helping with all of our allergies. I should check with hubby to see if his parents are taking Billy and Molly on Saturday. That will give me time to get some of it done.

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Jeanie said...

The cable sweater looks awesome. Sorry about the trip to the frog pond.

And I had to fire my housekeeper a couple of weeks ago for stealing from my daughter. TWICE. So don't even get me going about how the house looks!