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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Is it me, or is it Bloglines

I've been watching my small number of bloglines subscribers dwindle. I ask myself, are they bored with me or just tired of bloglines? I reassure myself that a lot of people have a lot of complaints with bloglines and I'm not really that off-putting. But, just in case, a cute doggie picture (I know it won't win me points with the curmudgeonly crowd, but I am a member of Purling Puppies). This, my friends, is the reason we got a bulldog. I love that loose, wrinkly face!

In other news, the weather is going to kill me. Seriously, 70 in November? Then 40 for a high 24 hours later? How is a woman supposed to dress? Me, I dress like this for the office these days. It's got to be nearly 90 in here now that the air is off. Once the air comes back on come Spring, I'll get out my sweaters cuz it will be a meat locker. (I have since put a shirt with sleeves on, I've got a fan going, though.) This is what happens when you're in a window-less box in the center of the building, you get the absolute extremes in climate control (or the decided lack thereof).

I am so wanting to work on Christmas Cables right now. I really feel I'm making progress. I separated for the neckline this morning. My goal is to get the front finished this weekend and get started on the sleeves next week (remember that 12 hour car ride to SC we're taking?). I'm still anxious about running out of yarn, but figure that I can always downsize Billy's or make his plain. They don't have to be exactly the same, right? We'll see. I know it's a crappy picture. Maybe if it's sunny this weekend I'll try to get something better.

Or maybe not. We know I'm not so great on the picture taking over the weekends. I must say, that my favorite thing about this pattern so far is the way the cables meld into the 3x3 ribbing section. I don't know if you can tell from any of the pics I've posted, but the cables are 1x1 ribbing. When you start to move to 3x3 all the way across you do it in stages. It looks neat up close.


Lolly said...

You are not off-putting at all! I am hating on Bloglines big time. I always have problems with them. Hang in there and just keep blogging, A!

Love the puppy pic!

It is cooler in DC today--hopefully it is in NYC too!

Take care~

kim said...

i think there was a big spike in numbers when bloglines was first going around the blogosphere, but i think for many it has slacked off

i love the pic in the office (that's a definite "i hate the weather in here" face!)