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Friday, December 23, 2005

getting back to normal

A couple of things are settled, which makes me a bit more relaxed.

The transit strike is over and I got to get back to my normal commute this morning. It's been nice to see more people making it into the office. Traffic was light and it took me only an hour and 10 minutes to get in today. Of course, it's much warmer today, so the walk wouldn't have been too bad, but I liked taking the C train downtown.

Billy is enrolled for a new day care starting 2/1. I'm not thrilled that M-i-L has to take a leave next month, but I'm sure she finds it an easy sacrifice. Hubby met with two of the teachers from the new place and he really likes the lead. Miss Jean was once a professional clown and plays keyboards for the kids. I think Billy's going to love her. She mentioned to Hubby that 4 or 5 kids have left our old center for this new one. Gee, I'm so surprised.

I'm so relieved to be leaving the old place. We loved the first two classes Billy was in. His infant room was great. The girls were awesome and he got great care. The mobile infant room was rocky at first, but it wound up being a good fit. This toddler room has been a disaster. We went to pick B up the other night and I peeked in the window (I like to see what's going on before I walk in and disturb him) and one little boy was repeatedly smacking another on the head. The smackee was wedged between two cabinets and couldn't get away. The smacker was just going to town on his head. Now, I know toddlers can't do much damage by slapping, but the thought that they let this kind of behavior go on explains a lot about why Billy's being scapegoated. There were four adults in that room and fewer kids than normal, and still no one was watching those two. Too busy cleaning up so they could get out.

I'm not quite done with the back of Billy's sweater. I only have a handfull of rows left. I did start seaming Hubby's last night but quickly got bored with it. I'm sure I'll finish the knitting on B's on the way home today (office is closing at 1 so I have to take a local bus) and seaming and necklines will be job #1 tonight. (Well, after I have some primping done at the salon.)

I'm really looking forward to Christmas, even with all the attendant busy-ness. Something about being able to share it with a child makes it that much more special.

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