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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

um, hi, mini-crisis mode over here

Last night I went to pick up Billy after being trapped on a bus for over an hour. A bus that felt like the tropics; I couldn't keep my eyes open much less knit. I don't know how the bus driver stayed awake. Anyway, the aide in the room had me sign two incident reports and said that the co-director wanted to talk to me. Billy has to leave at the end of the month. Apparently the mom of the frequent victim of my son's only acting-out behavior has threatened to pull her kid and director-guy can't have that and be left with "the biter." Whatever. Meanwhile, we've been told that things were improving since anyone last really mentioned biting back in early October. The aides stopped keeping a log of attempts weeks ago. There have been a couple of "incidents" since Thanksgiving, but no one said, gee maybe we need to re-evaluate what's geen going on. Then director-guy decided, unilaterally without discussing it with the staff that works directly with the kids, that Billy had to go. I was so mad last night that we had been so poorly informed and that this had been sprung on us. I was also really anxious about how hubby would react. He reacts poorly to change and being inconvenienced and it takes a lot out of me to weather his moods until he's acclimated. (Granted, it's karma at this point right? After what I put him through last week.) So, I've called 17 places, made appointments for five tours and have four places to call back. The real kicker is when Billy's lead caretaker calls me and tells me how they found out from the mom with the mouth and that they'd not been consulted at all and offers to nanny for us because she loves Billy so much. Oh, and director-guy says Billy's not a bad kid and we're not bad parents. Whatever, former Wall Street guy who barely ever interacts with the kids and is so busy opening another center. Bite me. I can't wait to get my kid out of there.

So, didn't knit at all last night after making a list of possible facilities with Hubby, but did get three rows done this morning. Only 5 more to get to finish the ribbing. Here's a progress pic, just cuz you read through my rant.

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