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Thursday, December 15, 2005

well, now that we've all had a chance to settle down

You know, not only is he a knee-jerk, know nothing about kids, idiot, he's sexist. Seriously, Hubby sat down with director-guy this morning and they might move Billy to another room (after Hubby laid out all the negatives associated with the current classroom, including staff being on their cell phones when they're supposed to be watching the kids), he's also going to call a related center in another town (Hubby could take a direct train into NY) about placing him. See, Billy's a great kid and director-guy related to Hubby when Hubby asked why he was letting a hysterical woman run his business. Me, I'm pissed 8-ways to Sunday and have 8 appointments scheduled for next week. Granted, I'd prefer not to completely disrupt Billy by shipping him off to a completely new center (the other classroom has two aides from his previous room), but I'm not so sure these are the people I want to trust with my kid. You know?

I laid in bed last night convincing myself that there has to be a way we could live on one salary (preferably Hubby's) so we wouldn't have to depend on anyone else for day care. I still think I'm going to run that spread sheet. The working mom guilt was in over drive.

Okay, back to the blog's raison d'etre, knitting. I was rather productive last night watching TV with hubby (and on the quick bus ride home). I finished that 3x3 section and have 1 and a half pattern repeats done. I think I only need two more to get to the shoulder shaping. I did look at the finished front this morning, but I can't remember if I had cabled three or four times. Maybe I have a picture somewhere.

Oh yeah, in my exhaustion, I left the camera at home. No progress pic today. Maybe tomorrow, if the weather and/or transit strike don't prevent my being with my camera cable (of course I could just take the cable home with me).

To sum up, bleaahh.

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Lolly said...

Ah, so sorry for all of these problems, Annette. I know that must be hard. It is unfortunate, but so often, this two-salary thing is the only way to work it.
Good luck with that.