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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

that end of year think

I've been thinking about the end of 2005 and how it matches up with the beginning. Here are my "resolutions" from the beginning of this year. I didn't do so well. I put on more weight, bought more yarn, and spent a bit of time as a complete disappointment to my husband. I work for the same company (but in a different department in a different position, so give me a C+ on that one) and my house is a bigger mess than it was last year. I have a feeling my resolutions will be similar (mostly because I've already written them and they are) but I'll try to make the list more entertaining. I'm going to go get some lunch and stop by Purl for some DPNs, I have none in a US10. What a shame to have to go to a knitting shop at lunchtime!

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