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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

coming or going?

Really, it doesn't seem that I know which way I'm going here. I was working on that issue, covering for that person who quit whose replacement started yesterday, then I was working on this issue here which has been my responsibility but which will move to a new position that I've been interviewing for, and then there's those two reports my boss wants five minutes ago, and all those invoices to approve, and the 88 e-mails flagged for follow-up in my in box (that was such a good idea when I could keep the flags in the low dozens).

Oh, and I really, really want to buy the Jaeger Matchmaker Merino Aran that's on sale at elann. I mean really, aran weigh merino for less than $3.50 a ball? Who wouldn't want to buy it? I can rationalize by saying I've finished 4 items since I last bought yarn, but that's not even dented the stash. Heck it barely dented the stash of Cork and Rown DK Soft! I'll leave it for my fellow merino lovers. Someday, I'll be able to buy more merino. Someday.

Speaking of merino (the lana grossa lambswool is merino according to something I read somewhere), I've only got 4 more sets of increases to do on the sleeve. I think I'll extend my stay in sleeve hell and knit up the second one next. That way, I'll know how much yarn this bad boy is going to eat up (and continue contemplating whether or not I'm doing all those cables and 1x1x1x1x1 ad nauseum ribs for the back). I think I'll be lucky if one of these sweaters makes it under the Christmas tree. I'm really dreading knitting a second one, but at least it will be much, much smaller!

I'm already thinking about what to knit post Christmas Cables frenzy. I'm thinking either Dude's Cork sweater for his birthday or Hubby's much desired Debbie Bliss Ribby. Not that it really matters, I'm going to be buried in teal, blue and grey lambswool for some time to come. And now, the more that I look at them, the less I like these three colors! Erk.

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