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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

progress, progress, progress

I've used that post title before. Thankfully, the Supremes have ruled you can't plagiarize yourself (it's the John Fogarty precedent).
I've almost completed 4 repeats on Hubby's Christmas Cables. I knit until I couldn't stand anymore last night watching the Devils get spanked by Detroit and then did not nap on the way in this morning so I could knit and knit some more. I didn't want to put it down to get started at work. Jobs are such bummers.

The good news is we have progress here at work, too. Lots and lots of issues making their way to the printer. Sanity could be just around the corner! (Editors crack me up. One just signed an e-mail I. Granted, his name starts with I, but that's just silly!)

Unfortunately, Christmas is just around the corner and the elves have made no progress on cleaning and decorating my house. I may have to replace them all.

I hope to be hearing from Hubby soon. He has his big adventure with Billy at the ENT today. He's only done a couple of doctor visits alone. This one should be easier for him, Billy's only getting checked from the head up.

Well, back to those darn issues. I'll let you know if I get any word on the boy.

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Jenifer said...

Hey good luck with all your goings-on ... I just saw that soy silk at patternworks for sale, too. YUMMY. You crack me up the way you talk about "trackable dollars." :) Hey -- shoot me off your email and I'll send you an invite for the tote-along. :)