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Thursday, November 03, 2005


S-I-P is my current mantra. Right now, I have seaming-in-progress on Shadow. I back stitched the shoulders together, set-in the sleeves, and got one side and arm seam completed. I did get a small start on the second side seam. Should have all the big seams done tonight. Then it's slip stitching the pockets, sewing on the pocket flaps, and figuring out the ribbon facing on the fronts. Oh yeah, then the neckline. Gee, I'm not as near done as I thought!

As for the current sock-in-progress, I brought my camera today and have a pick of the heel. Boy, that leg looks long. Good news is that my sister's feet are way shorter than hubby's. The slog to the toe won't take nearly so long. (Of course I'm not completely done the gusset, but almost there.) It's such a spring-y happy sock. She better like them!

Nothing happened on the boys' Christmas Cables last night (I spent all tv time seaming). Although, I did buy at 32" US8 Addi. That will be very useful when I get to pick up Christmas Cable #1 again.

Thankfully, it's pretty quiet chez Netter right now. We're all healthy. Nearly forgot to share, Billy only had one attempt at biting since last Thursday. I think we're out of the woods on that.

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Lolly said...

I love the socks, Annette! what pretty colors :)