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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

go Netter, go

Seriously, I feel like I'm racing Christmas here. I did another 5 repeats on the back of Billy's sweater while we were on day 2 of our grand day care tour. I also blocked Hubby's last night after Billy went to bed. Whew did that bad boy grow when it hit the water. Blocking out? No, I was blocking in. I'm doubtful both sweaters will be finished in time for gifting on Sunday. Especially since I haven't wrapped a darn thing and my family is showing up in a little over a week and the house is sty. Both rooms where they will be sleeping need to be overhauled (one is filled with clean laundry, the other with boxes, paper and old computer parts). Not to mention the boxes from the Christmas stuff in the living room or the fact that nothing's been vacuumed or mopped in a dog's age. I have my priorities and they are, in order, playing with my kid and playing with my yarn. Right now, that leaves little time for anything else. Fortunately, hubby put the kibbosh on sending out cards. One less thing to worry about. And, I have to confess, if M-i-L hadn't brought soup for dinner last night, we probably wouldn't have had anything cooked (including heated) at home for dinner in over a week! Ah, the life of a working woman. I have to find time, next week, after the Christmas cables are done and my home is made presentable for my family, to knit and felt a bucket hat for my dad's birthday which is the 29th. Oh and I still have to shop for said family's Christmas gifts. Oh boy.

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