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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I know, I'm being unoriginal. But, it's so cute to think of the year in Bondsian terms.

Things have been going well, we totally made our numbers at work, I got all my chores done before my parents arrived (except Kirk still does not have a zipper, and I still have yarn to finish a few more ball bands), I've not gone completely insane [although, little miss angry (kind of like Little Miss Scary, but without the smile) has made a couple short visits mainly when I was stressed aobut the to do list], and I'm itching much less.

So those are all plusses and we're only 2 days into the new year.

On the negatives, I've killed my new digital camera* and B's being a complete brat about going to bed.

On the fun side, he's totally getting into listing things. The other day he listed what he wanted for brefast when he woke up: juice, vegetables [which the child barely eats at any other meal], sandwich. It's amazing how verbal he's becoming.

I haven't bought any yarn, but I will be making a purchase soon. I need to buy a zipper for Kirk. I won't buy any yarn, although, depending upon the purchase point, needles or fabric may come home with me. Not to mention some memory wire. I want to make my own wine glass jewelry.

Here are my 06 FO's. No, I'm not sneaking Kirk in, he's not done (not to mention no picture).

Hat in Lorna's Laces Chunky Swirl in Carrot
Chickami (7/13-11/?)
Ballband Dishclothes for M-i-L's shore place (11/9-11/15)
Zebra Jaywalkers (10/1-11/17)
Mom's Go with the Flow (10-6-11/6)
Wedding Garters in Disco Lights
Reticule in Disco Lights
Hydrangea Chevron socks
Salsa CeCe for Me (5/13-7/13)
Blues Before and After Chevron socks (6/5-6/23)
The Wedding Stockings, begun 3/29 finished 6/4)
Pumpkin Broadripples (4/12-4/30)
Billy's" Ronan (1/18-3/30)
Cigar (3/3-3/26)
Olympic Sweater (2/10-3/3)
Hubby's boot socks (1/26-2/8)
Billy's Cougar (1/3-2/3)
Red scarf for the Red Scarf Project (1/12-1/20)
Hubby's Christmas Cables (11/2-1/8)
Billy's Christmas Cables (12/16-1/10)

*I figure I've got two options, either buy a new one without hubby knowing, or get this one fixed without hubby knowing. Yes, I do realize that I have issues with confessing boo-boos to the spouse.

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