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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

go with the FO

Sorry for the super crappy photo. I finished up last night and then the sun wasn't quite up enough (or I wasn't) to get a daylight shot this morning.

Here she is, Ms. Go With the Flow, mom's 2006 birthday sweater, over a week late again.

The pattern is Go with the Flow from Fiona Ellis's Inspired Cable Knits. This is an awesome book and I'd knit anything in it. The pattern seemed error-free to me. The cables are both written out and charted.

I knit it up in Rowan 4-ply cotton, which I think is a slightly larger gauge than the called for yarn, Dale Stork. I really enjoyed it, except for the callous on my finger. It took me slightly longer than I expected, but it's knit on size 3s so I think a month is okay.

I'll be mailing it up to mom tonight. I hope she'll wear it a lot. She likes to wear tanks and it's a great color for her.

I finished up my first zebra sock on the way home last night and am most of the way through the cuff on sock 2. My goal is to get to the heel turn by this weekend. I knit about 4 rows on hubby's green aran. He really, really likes it. I need to find the pattern book, though. When I copied the pattern 6 months ago, I neglected to copy the abbreviation page. I think I know what they all mean, but I don't want the first 2 repeats looking completely different from the next four or so.


Lolly said...

It is gorgeous! I am sure your mom will love it - so sweet of you ;)

Ruth said...

Nicely done - I love the details. I'm sure your mom will be thrilled.