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Thursday, February 09, 2006

now with pictures

Here are the pictures I was trying to post this morning.

First is Billy with his cougar (Hubby calls it Colin). The pattern was Kate from Knitty. I used ASC in Orkney and Regal from my stash. I put an intarsia patch on it of a cougar print to represent our high school's mascot. Colin went to church with Billy on Sunday, but he's not shown much interest in him since.

Next is my dad in his Zipo. Please disregard the funny look on his face; he's a wee bit silly. He claims to really like the sweater, but it's the first time I've ever seen him in it.

Last are the finished boot socks and my latest stashquisition. (Well, not really, I just won an auction for 10 balls of Cork in Delight, don't tell on me, 'kay?)


Lolly said...

Hey Netter! Welcome back!

Oh, love the new Cork you got ;)

Anny said...

Cougar's a cutie ;0) And don't you just love stashquisitions? I must admit I've never heard the term before but would definately like to appropriate it, if that's okay. LOL!