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Thursday, January 11, 2007


I sat down with Bounce (formerly known as Billy's Birthday Sweater, which is just too much to keep typing) last night. I re-set to the first row of the chart, rewound my six center-pull butterflies, and started knitting again. I'm meticulously counting the number of blue stitches and ecru stitches and marking off each row as I knit it. I'm also keeping the post it (the really, really big ones which fits nicely over this chart) over the rows above where I am (Sally says it's good so you see where your yarn is coming from, Annie Modesitt also talks about it here). We're happily working together toward the same ends. I can't believe I just said ends. Those will be fun when it comes time.

Question: I already mentioned that I'm duplicate stitching the seams of the balls (using only the charts that look like baseballs), and I was toying with the idea of using some red to do the duplicate stitching. What do you think?

So far, and I'm probably shooting myself in the foot, it's been pretty easy to stay away from my usual yarn pushers. Of course, it's only been three weeks (and my last purchase only arrived the other day). I have been doing some other shopping. My shoes came yesterday, and I'm very happy with them. Although, I think I have to return the green suede loafers, they're a little tight. I like them way too much to wind up not wearing them. Good thing Zappos has free-shipping both ways! I love that. With a full-time job, a two hour commute each day, and a kid, I don't have time to go shopping much. This way I order, two days later I have the shoes, and if they don't fit or I don't like them, I can send them back.

I had also ordered a new zipper for Kirk. That came yesterday with a nice, big box of t-pins and some orang snips which B really, really wanted. Um, no. I may be a lax mom, but I am not letting him play with those.

Now, I need to go schedule his three-year physical (forms for daycare, doncha know) and call that camera-repair store that doesn't respond to its own online estimate request form. Not to mention doing my actual job.

Thanks for the encouragement on the Pinwheel. If I didn't have deadline knitting, I probably would have cast on last night.


Julie said...

I'd pre-wash the red yarn before I did the duplicate stitch, to keep it from bleeding all over the nice white baseballs. But otherwise, yes, I think that would be perfect.

Amy Lane said...

It sounds adorable--can't wait to see pix:-)