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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Frustration, thy name is toddler

I've been doing very well lately, staying calm and level in the face of B's total two-ness. (I informed him this morning as he was resisting a shirt that he's the Original CrankyPants.)

I just go with the flow and allow him his fits, if he needs one, and insist on what's going to keep him safe and healthy. Usually, if I stay even, he gets over it much faster than if I react negatively. Yes, he's going to be three in a couple weeks and I'm just figuring this out.

It was working well. Until we were on our way out the door this morning and B insisted he didn't need anything more than a windbreaker. It was 24° F this morning, he needed a real coat. I was struggling to get one on him as Hubby was loading the car and B was using his 40 lbs to thwart me. Then angry Momma spewed up all over the place, including all over poor hubby. I think there were a number of factors at work here: PMS (do not denigrate the power of the female hormones); rushing to be on time to work; work stress; I hate the cold and wish it were 50° again.

I apologized to Hubby and will do so to Billy, too, when I pick him up tonight. I'll let him know that Mommy was wrong to scream and yell and that she's sorry. I'm not sure he'll remember, but let's try to instill good habits in both of us. I also told Hubby that I'm thinking this is an isolated incident, my recent good humor as witness, but that if it become a pattern, we'll need to call the doctor about some new meds.

In other news, I got a huge stash of fabric last night. Seriously, like 15 yards. If I can carve out some time to actually sew, look for developments in these here parts.

I did do some knitting last night (after getting my diswasher back up and running, Hubby likes to call me Irene Lorenzo). I'm only 6 rows behind on Bounce now. I still hope to finish the back this weekend. Unfortunately for me, I'm really beginning to hate dots!

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