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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Not so much loving of the intarsia

So, I ripped out nearly 20 rows of the Billy sweater last night. I know I sang of the glories that are Sally Melville's intarsia tips yesterday. But Sally Melville wasn't helping me read the chart. I didn't realize that all the ball shapes aren't the same and then when I re-started, I kept losing my place. Large post-its and a row counter to the rescue.

Problem is, Billy's birthday is in three weeks. Not sure I'll be finished by then. I had figured to get the back done this week, the front next week, the sleeves the following week before we got to FL for a long weekend, and do the finishing when we get back. I'm sincerely doubtful I can knit 140+ rows with intarsia, limited to just the time Billy is in bed, in the next four days. But, I'll try.

In other news, I have 13 balls of silk garden in #84 and 10 balls of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in coal. I'd been toying with the idea of making a throw (I know great idea with a white sheddy dog and an almost three year-old), but last night it dawned on me. Wouldn't it look great in this? I know I may have to fiddle the size a bit, but I think it would look great! Here let me put that on the list of things to knit:

Finish mom's ballband dishclothes
Finish red scarves (due mid-January)
Finish my blue surf anklets and red dragon socks
Orange Chunky Swirl mittens
Billy's birthday sweater (due 2/2)
Hubby's Aran (already started, to be finished by the AC St. Paddy's parade 3/10)
F-i-L's 2007 birthday sweater (in Rowan Plaid, due 3/23)
Billy's Portofino jacket, a re-knit for Spring
Jaywalkers in Regia Silk, for me
Hubby's St Andrew's cross sweater
Go with the Flow cami in Denim
Lace Leaf Shawl
Green bouclerino jacket for me
Spring baby blanket
M-i-L's 2007 birthday sweater (due 8/30)
Lil sis's birthday Knee highs (due 9/6)
Mom's 2007 birthday sweater (due 10/26)
Dad's 2007 birthday sweater (due 12/29)
Silk Garden Pinwheel


CygKnit said...

The Pinwheel looks great in person, too. If that helps push you in that direction...

Ruth said...

Piece of cake! You've got all year to finish the list - not a problem!