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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

things to do before the family arrive Friday

Finish dad's Kirk. I got the shoulders seamed last night and have knit up most of the collar. Just a couple more rows, then it's off to sleeve set in and side seams. And I have to put in the zipper.

Finish up another ballband dishcloth for mom, that way I'll have two under the tree for her. I can finish up the balls of yarn over the weekend.

Clean the house.

The guestroom needs to be cleared out and tidied up as does the office where my sis and b-i-l will sleep. I'm kind of happy the other sister's not coming. I'd have to figure out where she could sleep.

I need to put away Christmas gifts and organize B's toys.

Floors need vacuuming and mopping and surfaces need to be dusted.

Bathroom needs a scour.

We're caught up on laundry and dishes, but the clutter, oh the clutter is horrible.

I realized why m-i-l wanted to take B to her house yesterday and today, my house is chaos. I'm uncomfortable in it!

I also need to wrapt the gifts for our exchange on Saturday morning. Gifts for people who aren't going to be here Saturday can be wrapped later in the weekend (so long as they're finished before they head back to VT on Monday).

All this must be done while being a SAHM tomorrow and Friday. (I need to find out what the planned arrival time is on Friday.)

Fortunately, hubby is off on Friday as well and can run errands and B interference.

Gee, aren't you glad you stopped by?

Not sure if I'll be posting again before Tuesday. I may try to get online Monday after they all leave.

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