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Monday, May 01, 2006

goodbye April (well not quite)

I finished the broadripples last night. I'm wearing them today. They're very snuggly and bright. I think I need to go down a size and cast on more stitches in the future. I also need to figure out how to eliminate ladders when working on DPNs. Any suggestions? (I keep meaning to look in my sock books, but I'm so brain fried when I get off the bus that it doesn't happen.) I definitely recommend the Cascade fixation. Next time, I'm going even shorter on the leg. I like little crew socks for the summer.

Don't worry Anny, you can still get your orange fix here. I'm not yet done the boy's beach jacket. One more sleeve and some edging, but I'm so bored with it. Maybe I'll be able to finish the second sleeve tonight while watching the Yankees and Red Sox.

I am very excited to start Hubby's Green Aran (have to come up with a better name, I'm thinking Kelly). I might be crazy, though, knitting a seed stitch and cabled sweater in 100% cotton. My hands might hate me before I finish. Or maybe not, swatching wasn't a problem yesterday and I'll have to knit on the wedding stockings anyway. And maybe some other socks.

Ooh, got my knitpicks order for the dyeorama swap this weekend. Hubby wasn't thrilled with my spending money (he's not getting paid again until next Friday and things are getting a wee bit tight), but I'm excited to get my swappee and start planning the dyeing! I've already got kool-aid for the colorways I want to do, but i'll wait on those until I know I can do the colorway that my swappee wants.

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Susan said...

If you are getting ladders in the spaces in between the dpns, then you can do one of two things. The easiest is to make sure that you pull the yarn tight when you switch from one needle to the other. The other possibility is to knit a couple of extra stitches from the next needle every few rounds, but that's hard with socks because most patterns want you to keep the same stitches on the same needles. If you have a sock pattern where that doesn't matter (or where you can use markers to keep your place), that will work because it keeps moving the place where the ladders might occur.