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Friday, July 14, 2006

let's see, stash, chevrons, and an FO

Well, I got some yarn in the mail yesterday. It's Rowanspun DK from eBay. After AnnyPurls was talking about the deals on Rowan- spun, I had to take a peek. Of course, I already have some orange 4ply and decided that for $39.99 and free shipping I needed this one.

I got a bit further on the Hydrangea Chevron. Mostly this was done on the bus and watching Baby Bach with Billy. I didn't knit on it at all watching tv last night. I started a chickami instead.

I'm making the largest size with shaping and wide straps in my leftover TLC Cotton Plus. Leftover from what you might ask.

Leftover from this: CeCe in TLC CottonPlus Salsa. I made the largest size but had to scale her up a bit. I added two lace repeats to the front and back and 9 stitches to each sleeve. I knit two repeats before I started the increases; I didn't want her too cropped. I really liked this pattern. In the picture I'm thinking, how long do I have to stand like this before the timer goes off. Good thing no one else was here and my office has a door!


CygKnit said...

Cece is gorgeous! I haven't seen any pictures of it in blogland yet that make me want to knit it...until now. How purty.

Yarngirl said...

Love that Rowanspun and I'm trying to stay away from ebay....Cece is gorgeous!! I'm using the TLC for scoop du jour.....after picovoli....:)