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Friday, January 05, 2007

34 miles

Thirty-four miles takes me from my house past Valley Stream on Long Island. About an hour's drive.

I have more than thirty-four miles of yarn in my stash.

How do I know this? Because I've logged all of my recent, sweater-sized Elann, Webs, and Herrschners orders, plus the eBay stuff I could remember (or that was still sitting in my office) into a spreadsheet. (It's based on a free template Microsoft's got posted for wine collections. I'd post a picture, but new blogger is the same as the old blogger in that regard.)

So far I've counted over 470 balls of yarn, totalling 60000+ yards, or 34 miles.

It does not include sock yarn (although I have at least 8 balls of that right here in my desk), nor does it include what is left of my Stitches '05 haul or a lot of other stuff I've bought on eBay or older orders that were not still in my history at Herrschners. It doesn't include smaller purchases for things like Red Scarves, or odd balls left over from completed projects, or yarn received in swaps.

I have horded a ridiculous amount of yarn. Fortunately, I'm only 34, so I don't think I've passed SABLE status. But boy oh boy, I'm going to be busy for the next nine months knitting from this stash.


Bells said...

it's scary huh? You know what I'm worried I'll discover if I start something like this? I'll discover there's a lot of yarn in my stash I don't actually like.

Does selling your excess stash on ebay count as using up your stash???

Susan said...

I guess 34 miles is not so bad -- if you could get to the moon, I'd worry!