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Monday, January 22, 2007

Stay Bed!

Unlike a lot of mommies, I don't get mad when my kid yells at me. I feel guilty about it sometimes, but I don't take it personally. I modelled the behavior, so I have no right to feel disrespected. I do worry about him yelling at other adults, especially those that don't yell at him (which would be the vast majority of people over 5).

This morning the B did not want to get up. He kept saying "stay bed." When I kept insisting he get up and get dressed and go to school, he started yelling "stay bed."

You know how people have problems with their child climbing out of the crib? One of B's classmates started climbing out of his crib at 7 months. My B has no interest in getting out of bed on his own (probably because he has so much stuff in it). He'll start to climb out only if someone is there to help him. Otherwise, he'll just yell until we get him.

This morning, while I was trying to talk him into getting dressed, B climbed into his crib. Like I said, he wanted to stay bed.

He also wanted to wear pajamas and slippers all day. He wanted nothing to do with a coat. He went out the door wearing two shirts (a SpongeBob SquareKilt t-shirt and his spiderman shirt), the Ronan I knit him a year ago, a light Yankees sweatshirt, and his Elmo letterman style jacket. Reminded me of the kid in the snowsuit in "A Christmas Story."

It was not a great getting out the door morning chez Netter. Much yelling and many tears, and that was just me.

I'm feeling super stressed right now. I'm a little behind at work (mostly because I cannot seem to get it in gear on overdue stuff for HR), I've got a day trip for work that will keep me from being home for bedtime on Wednesday, and we've got this trip to Florida later this week which has been complicated by some family issues I'm not going to get into. On top of hormones, being off my meds, and Hubby snoring all night, it's a Monday all right.

I did have a productive weekend, though. My last two red scarves are blocking. I'm going to pack them up tonight and mail them out tomorrow (need to go out at lunchtime and see if I can find a nice ribbon to use).

I also totally surpassed my goal for Bounce. Not only did I finish knitting the back during nap on Saturday, I joined the front and back, and knit the ribbing. I also got all the ends woven in (1/2 Saturday night, 1/2 during nap yesterday) and am through the first 1/3 of sleeve one. I hope to get sleeve one mostly done tonight. Since Molly's taking a trial run with a new dog sitter tonight that shouldn't be a problem.

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