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Friday, January 05, 2007

Who gets privacy anymore?

Okay, we're not allowed to know who met with VP Dick Cheney to set policy that affects each and everyone of us, not to mention future generations who will have to deal with environmental policies based on the administration's energy policy, but the President reserves the right for the government to search first class mail under exigent circumstances? Yeah, maybe in bizarro-world that makes sense. What happens in the West Wing under the aegis of the Government is supremely private and not for us little peons to know about, but under the guise of protecting us from terrorists, #43 keeps eroding the constitution.

I don't generally get political on this here space because this is my knitting blog, but there comes a time in each person's life where we have to say Enough!

I know the new Congress will help some, but there is no response possible from either of the other two branches to signing statements and #43 has added 750 to bills in the last 6 years. Morea than the previous 42 presidents combined!

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Susan said...

And I'd just love to know *whose* first class mail it is okay to search -- it strikes me that, again, it will be us peons. Given the increasing amount of identity theft and the value of personal/private information, it scares the crap out of me to know that there are (likely poorly paid) federal employees with carte blanche to open my mail.