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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Red Scarves 07

My 5 scarves for Red Scarf Project 07 are wrapped up, in a box, and ready to be shipped out at lunch time.

Here we have Lumberjack to whom you've already been introduced and his buddy Moss Stitch (or is it double seed?) in Lang Live. The color's merlot.
The two on the left are my Austermann Melody scarves (Accordian, alternating rows of garter with stockinette, and Dreamweaver, basketweave of course). Color here is wild cherry. And last is my favorite scarf, although she's a curly one. Spiral rib from the 365 stitches calendar in Patons Classic, Really Red. I love the look of this rib when it's blocked way out and nearly flat. It's a nice drapey fabric in this gauge and yarn. I think I want a jacket in it.
Billy was a pill again this morning. I had to dress him in his crib. Then he had to lie down in our bed for a while and again refused a coat. Fortunately, it wasn't as cold this morning and Hubby'd warned up the car, so 10 minutes late, I hustled him out in his Piderman sweatshirt and Yankee knit hat. Yes, we caved. What else are you going to do on deadline?
Hubby wants to get out even earlier tomorrow. With my not being home till after 9 pm, he needs to leave work early to pick up B. I'm thinking B needs to go to bed way earlier and I need to start the wake-up process earlier.
I'd always liked to let him sleep in until as late as possible, but I need more time if he's going to be this difficult.
In happy news, I received my Kodak back from my sister and I find if I change the size on the pics when uploading, blogger actually posts them! Two seems to be the limit, though.

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