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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Once there were buttonholes

So, I had Jolie mostly finished for M-i-L's birthday celebration on August 27, even with re-knitting the left front. Well, all except for the reverse crochet border. But, she did get to try it on (I had sewn on the buttons). But, it didn't fit. A little too snug around the waist (and I'd debated taking out the waist shaping but though I'd run out of yarn). What to do, what to do?

Here were the buttonholes when I sat down last night. I figured I should try to get the sweater fixed last night since M-i-L is going to stay at our place to help Hubby with the B while I go on a little business trip.

I duplicate stitched over the two stitches of the button hole and the stitch to the left of the button hole which has the bind-off bar from the button hole. See here for good instructions on how to duplicate stitch.

That took care of the holes in the front. Now, how was I going to have the thing buttoned? I ripped out the reverse crochet edging up past where the button holes where and put three crochet loops about where the button holes should go. Instead of reverse crocheting where I wanted the buttons, I just did three chain stitches. When I finished putting the edging back on, I went back over the chain stitches with slip stitches to neaten them up. Then I sewed the buttons on. Voila. Totally new closure.

I know the pictures aren't great. No natural lighting. But I did use the macro function so they're not one huge blur.

And finally, a finished Jolie. I left her on the dining room table. I hope she fits. M-i-L really liked her and now she should be able to wear her!

Project notes:

Jolie is from Rowan's Vintage Style book. I knit her in Jo Sharp Silk Road Tweed in brindle on Addi Turbo US9. She took 9 balls. (Gee, I do have a tenth and two from a different dye lot I bought when I thought I was going to run out. Why yes, that does mean I could have taken out the waist shaping or made a larger size, let's not discuss that.)

I did some serious modifications in that I did not do the peplum flappy thing in the back that you can't see in any of the pictures and I didn't do the cuffy thing on the sleeves. It was easy to read the chart to make regular shaped back and sleeves. I also had inadvertent mods which affected the length. Mainly having to do with an inability to regularly count to 8 (gee, I do have a row counter and I did try to use it).

I love this yarn and think it's a very feminine pattern. Don't think I'll knit it again, although I do like the slip stitch texture (once I figured it our).

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Yarngirl said...

It's gorgeous! And I like the new button locations better than the original! Excellent, excellent work!