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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

day off

B was sick again last night, just as I was drifting off to sleep. Hubby had to wash all 89 blankets from the crib last night as I sat in the rocking chair with B until 1 am. And today, I get to stay home with a kid who seems perfectly fine now! But, that means daylight pictures and posting for you!

I finished the Bounce sleeves over the weekend in Florida. Last night I finished weaving in the ends and washed and blocked. It's nearly dry. I may just start seaming this afternoon. Depends if I have to call into work for a meeting during nap. I should really unpack and tidy up during nap.

I started the heel flap on the second 2x2 socks last night. I forget them at work on Thursday so I hadn't worked on them since last week. (I finished up another ball band dishcloth on the plane ride home after working it a lot on the beach.)

So, the trip to Florida was okay. B enjoyed visiting his Great-Grandma, especially the heated pools. (It was a little cool but we went swimming three days anyway.) He also liked sleeping on a matress on the floor, but especially enjoyed the airport and the plane rides. The ride down was fine, except we got to the gate as they were boarding. Whoops! Coming home we were delayed over an hour by high winds in Newark, and of course, Continental made us wait on the plane on the tarmac (they said they needed the gate, judging by all the empty gates I could see, they really just wanted us to pull away on time). The extra hour wore on all of us and B got really cranky by the time we landed. Mostly, he was an exceptional nearly three year-old.

I must say, although the weather was much better in Florida, it's nice to be home in my own bed (with B sleeping in a different room, I don't know how parents do the family bed, I'd never sleep).

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Rae said...

Newark Airport is one of the worst for doing that "we need the gate thing." We've learned the hard way to travel early in the morning or early afternoon. Well before 3 pm at least.

Caught your blog after reading Julie's at Samurai Knitter. Thought I'd pop by and say hello, from a fellow NJ knitter.