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Monday, March 27, 2006

Cigars make a wonderful gift

I was able to finish the raglan seams and one side and arm sleeve Friday night. I finished the second side and seam Saturday, after going to Joann's twice because the first zipper I bought, although it was the perfect color, was too short. I went right back out and got a longer one, albeit a bit too long and not such a great color. Sunday, I put the zipper in and wove in the ends. All in all, I'm pretty happy with it. I wish I had left a bit more time for the zipper, but I did the best i could with the time I had. I do see that the collar doesn't line up and that has more to do with the knitting than the zipper install. I know, I probably should have fixed it, but F-i-L and M-i-L aren't the types to knit-pick. He really liked it and I wowed the rest of the crowd at the party. I'm happiest with the fact that it's a really good fit for him. I could have probably made the body an inch or so shorter, but meah, it looks good as is.

Last night, I started seaming up Ronan (before The Sopranos got so interesting). I hope to have that mostly finished tonight. Nattie's sock is nearly done. I'll start the toe shaping tonight. I ripped the first sock yesterday afternoon and that's drying. I'll definitely have to get the swift out and wind that up tonight. Must have something to knit on the bus tomorrow.

I'm anxiously awaiting my sock yarn order from Friday. Hubby was a bit shocked that I'd spent $55 on sock yarn, because socks are so cheap. I pointed out that I also get
the hours of enjoyment knitting the socks. He made some crack about swearing and frustration, but I wasn't listening. I was thinking about my yummy orange sock yarn. On the left is Opal and the one on the right is cascade fixation. Both are coming from Simply Sock yarn. Soon, I hope!


kim said...

cigar looks great! i must admit i liked the stripe on the sleeve, but couldn't picture how it would look all put together, but i think it looks great

i'm glad your f-i-l liked it too!

Yarngirl said...

Great Looking sweater!!!

My hubby says the same thing to me about quilting - why in the world am I cutting up that material just to sew it back together and how much did that cost????