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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Me + electronic devices = disaster

Gee, blogging is boring without pictures. My camera won't even turn on for me. Guess I tried to finesse the lens a bit too much. I've sent an estimate request to the Polaroid repair people here in Manhattan. I'm hoping the camera is still under warranty, but I don't have the receipt and I'm not sure I registered it. I do still have the box and the serial number. It's only been mine for four months, but I love it so. I feel I've lost an appendage.

I'm having horrible luck with electronics lately.

My Dell DJ's been a royal pain for a while now. Not holding a charge for more than a day.

Our Dell all-in-one printer is on the fritz after I ordered and loaded the wrong style ink cartidges. Let's not discuss the hours I spent trying to get the carriage to move with the lid slightly ajar or the joy that is getting the encoder strip back in place. It refuses to recognize the brand new color cartridge at all and is mis-reading the ink level on the new black one. I'm going to try a few more things and if they don't work, I'll order a new one. In the two years we've had this machine prices have come down considerably. It's only $60 more to get a new one than to talk to a Dell service rep about this one that's off warranty.

Then there's our Sony DVD Handycam. We've had it three years, and like all new parents, we've stopped taping our son's every move. (Mostly because I had run out of blank DVDs.) Now, we have blank DVDs, just in time for the holidays, but the picture is all screwed up. I tried to tape B's holiday pageant a few weeks ago and got lots of weird feedback from the lights. There was flashing and streaking. I had a dim hope it was just the arc lights in the gymnasium. It's happened since under other artificial lights as well. Gave a neat appearance to our Christmas tree and the candles on my dad's birthday cake. I'm going to try a new DVD and then rip my hair out if it doesn't work!

B's still cute. I didn't have to put him to bed last night, so I could appreciate him more this morning. Hubby and I watched the Devils lose to the Rangers in an eight round shoot-out. I hate the shoot-out. Just keep playing overtime if you don't want ties.

In exciting regional news, the main road through town was shutdown with a water main break this morning, right in front of the train station. I knew something was up when I heard helicopters overhead when I woke up. It made for a slightly longer bus ride in (we had to loop around the block). Haven't heard if the water at my place is potable. We did have enough pressure for showers this morning.

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