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Friday, January 19, 2007

Snow can be a good thing

When used to distract your toddler so that Mommy can apply a weather-appropriate coat, snow is a good thing. B just stood at the storm door watching the snow and didn't even flinch when I put an actual coat on him. Yay snow!

Again, the kid is expressing his non-conformist attitude. Today is pajama and teddy bear day at daycare. B wanted real clothes (he actually picked a matching outfit, well, except for the red stripey socks) and yelled at Daddy "No pence bear." (Spencer is the bear's name, he can't quite say it.)

Hubby, in his Republican conformity, is all concerned that B isn't following along with the "fun." Me, I take perverse pleasure in it. Especially since his knowing his own mind this morning wasn't taking any skin off my back!

In good news, Hubby found the receipt for my Polaroid. I'm shipping it back for repairs tomorrow and hopefully it will all be covered under warranty!

I've fallen behind on Bounce. I can't remember the row count, but I still hope to have the front done this weekend. I did reach the armhole bind-offs so the rows are 12 stitches shorter.

I finished my last Red Scarf on the way home last night. I have 2 completely finished, 1 to fringe, and 2 to wash and block. I hope to mail them out tomorrow or Monday.

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Ruth said...

My daughter is non-conformist in the extreme - pretty much since birth, and at nearly 7, showing no signs of changing. I like to think it will translate to immunity to peer pressure about drugs and sex.