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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I follow through on that promise

I promised FO reports and pictures of the boys' cables. Here they are together.

The pattern is from Patons' Our Guys. It's ribbed cables. I knit it with Lana Grossa Lambswool doubled. I started Hubby's on November 3 and wove in the last end on January 9.

My only mods were adding the stripes to Billy's sleeves and I changed the neckline. They had some weird garter-hem thing going on and I knew I didn't have the yarn for that. I just picked up 3 for 4 for hubby's and pretty much 1 for 1 on Billy's (that toddler noggin you know). I enjoyed the patterns and would knit them again, but in a yarn at the recommended gauge!

Both boys wore them out Saturday to our Robbie Burns dinner. Hubby liked his so much he wore it to church on Sunday as well. Here are a few more shots of Billy modeling his Saturday night.

A wistful, arty pose of his own design. (Note that he's got plenty of room to grow into this thing, the sleeves are rolled up).

Posing with the fridge. He's saying juice (he can go in and grab his cup if there's one available).

Action shot heading out of the frame...

I should be able to FO the red scarf tomorrow. I finished knitting and wove in the ends last night during the Golden Globes. I will wash and block tonight.

I also signed up for another knitalong. The Yarn Harlot's hosting an OlympicsAlong. I've signed up to do Hubby's Ribby Raglan during the Olympics. I know it's not as challenging as the Fair Isles some people are doing, but it will be citius knitting for me if I get it done!


Jenifer said...

Wow, those matching sweaters are *so* cute! I love them. I really need to make my big guy and little guy matching sweaters, too! I hadn't seen the olympics-along yet. (Must. not. join.) Resistance is futile of course. Take care!

kim said...

the sweaters look fab!! i've been thinking about the olmpics along, but i'm not sure what to make

Lolly said...

YEA! They are so great, Netter! I love the matching sweaters. Sounds like hubby really likes his too - that is so great ;)