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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

'06 begins with pix

This is what my house looked like most of the weekend. I taught my sisters to knit. Posing with them is the first Billy sleeve, which was completed on Saturday. We spent much time stitching, and eating, and drinking. I'm so glad to have them joining me in fiber-world. I've been trying to get them to pick up needles for years. Anyway, AntFur on the left has really been sucked in. She's got over 15" done on a garter stitch scarf for her fiance and plans on getting a long circular to knit a garter stitch blanket. I think we'll start purling when they come down next month to see INXS. The other sister, AntNat also master crocheting. She's a lefty and teaching her to knit was interesting because she can't do anything with her right hand. So, at first I taught her some bastardized thing (which probably was some type of combined knitting), but she was getting twisted stitches. So we looked at her little booklet again and I got her making nice even stitches. Ironically, both sisters hold the yarn in their right hand. Nat picks and Fur throws like me. Mom can knit, too, but she wasn't so into it.

Here we have Billy sleeve two. Which was a pain to start. I first cast on with the wrong color, then forgot to switch to the larger needles (but didn't rip that) then I forgot to start increasing. But, like I told my sisters, it doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to look perfect. Here are the sleeves in the sleeviness. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to match the stripes as I ran out of blue a few rows early on #2. Fortunately, I had a little center-pull ball buried in my bag. I think they are very cute sleeves. I like the stripes and the colors, but I'm still not sure I'll like them with the body of the sweater. Worse comes to worse, I can duplicate stitch some stripes on the the ribbed part of the body, right? I should finish up sleeve two today. Then I get to cast on something new! (Or I can work on my sister's socks, but since B's birthday is less than a month away, I think I'll start his birthday gifts and I'm dying to pick up the Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed for Hubby's sweater.)

I got the last of my stealth stash in the mail today. (How stealthy can I be if Herrschner's is going to send an invoice to my house when the package is getting sent to the office?) I really, really love this color and I think this 12 balls of TLC Cotton Plus (I feel like I'm slumming) may be my first Netter project for 06. It's just yummy! I think I see more of this yarn in my future!

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