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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

startitis, well maybe not

I really did make some progress on Hubby's Boring Blue Birthday socks last night. Then I dropped a stitch this morning, decided the cast-on looked frilly and ripped the whole thing out. Depending on the ride home tonight, I may get back to where I was.

I did really cast on a version of Millie for myself. I was trying to think up a cute name for it, keeping with the -illie theme. Cillie (for Millie in Capricorne) didn't work, but I think Fillie does. The F is because she is FUNKAY and illie is because I'm lame. But, I think I'm really going to like this sweater. I've made a few mods to the neckline. Mostly intentional, one unintentional. The yarn is soft and the fabric has nice drape. I'll try to get some pics for you tonight/tomorrow AM.

I debated between bringing Hubby's BBB socks and Fillie with me today, and the socks won. Now, I wish I'd brought Fillie. But, wifely duty says that I must work on the Hubby's socks. Before you know it, I'll be putting all aside for my Stitches homework and then for my Mom's birthday sweater! I can't believe tomorrow is September 1!

I also can't believe gas prices. Holy crap! The cheapest place in my town (I don't even want to think about Manhattan prices) went up 40 cents over night. Surprisingly, the more expensive places only went up 30 cents. I realize that 10% of refinery capacity is offline indefinitely, but does that justify a 15% increase in price? I'll believe it's not gouging when I see that gas company profits and dividends have decreased at all. Granted, George Will tells us that gas prices really aren't that bad. Of course, I don't see an analysis of oil company profits compared to inflation or the fact that most wages in this country are stagnant. Or that gas prices have gone up more than the rate of inflation. I like how he discusses the unemployment rate. Is that nominal unemployment (the number of people who've applied for unemployment compensation) or actual (people who really don't have jobs and can't get one)?

Sorry for getting all political. It's just that once in a while it gets my goat.

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