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Thursday, August 04, 2005

what I'm thinking ...

... my son is a terrible flirt. He's learned to say "Hi," although he oftens leaves off the aitch. Last night at the diner he was peeking over the top of our booth and saying hi to the little girl (about 4 years older than him) sitting behind us. He had a blast. He was saying hi to any girl he could get his eyes on.

... heels are fun. I love turning heels and working the gussets on socks.

... I could be happy only buying Rowan yarns for the rest of my life, if they made sock yarn. I've just been oogling more discontinued Rowan yarns on eBay and looking at their new yarns for the fall. Must get my hands on some of the RYC line soon.

... RockStar is the best thing on TV right now. I don't know what I'm going to watch tonight, especially since the Yankees are in a slump.

... sonnet's a pretty quick knit at this gauge, even if the garter stitch seems interminable.

... is it lunch time, yet?

... I'm so my mother's daughter. The woman has been on-time with the birthday cards for my birthday once in the 9 years since I left VT. Well, my sis's birthday is Saturday and I haven't put a card in the mail, yet. Ooops.

... yeah, that's about it.

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