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Thursday, August 11, 2005

lumpy grows

Lumpy's still growing. I'm nearly done the last pink skein. Since I've got to take a local home today (getting the 2 pm to take Billy to a check-up), I may get to start on the bottom border this afternoon. I may have an FO before the weekend. Yippee.

The pattern for M-I-L's birthday sweater '05 came yesterday. Hubby thinks it's very nice. Hope the yarn comes soon. Judging by Herrschner's track record, tomorrow is most likely. However. for blog photos, today would be good. The tracking information says it was at my PO 12 am this morning. Does that mean it will be with my mail man today or tomorrow?

I got a couple of yarn catalogs in the mail last night. I love the layouts of the Lion Brand catalogs. Nice and clean. And I'm excited about the cashmere and their new merino products, but lay off with the fun fur and sparkle and crap. Geez Louise that's a lot of acrylic. I also got a Mary Maxim catalog. Now I know where my Nanny got her stash of craft stuff and yarn. (First clue was that ton of the Mary Maxim picture sweater patterns that I inherited, seeing the vast array of Nanny-stuff in the catalog was confirmation.) Not quite the same experience as receiving the KnitPicks, PatternWorks, or WoolWorks catalogs, but I looked at every page of both! I look at every page of pretty much every catalog I receive. I'm a catalog ho!

Must stay off eBay. Lots of pretty new Phildar stuff up in the last day or so. I'm a sucker for DK cotton blends.

I'm much more awake today. I was in bed just after 10 and I don't remember turning off the alarm clock this morning. I just remember waking up and thinking "who set the alarm for 6:10?" D'oh! It's amazing how quickly you can get out of the house when you're high on adrenaline!

Gee, had more to say than I thought!

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