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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

One down, one to go

Sleeves that is. I finished up Millie's first sleeve last night. I went a bit longer than the pattern but not as long as I first thought I might. It's not easy doing this without DPNs. Obviously, I need to buy more DPNs. I got a pretty good start on the second sleeve as well. So far, so good. Can't wait to get started on the front bands, then the finish will be just around the band. Ha ha. I know, bad pun.

I forgot to mention that Hubby reacted well to the arrival of more yarn in the house Monday. He just asked who it was for and then went about his business. I told him the DK Soft was for my Mom and his Dad, but I think it's a little too pink and fuzzy for Dads, so it will be for Mom and me.

I think Molly may have missed Billy this weekend. This morning, she let him pet her, and hug her, and even kiss her without running away or barking or anything. See, photographic evidence. I apologize for the graininess, I had to take it without flash because if Billy sees the flash, he wants to play with the camera. And, since our living room faces northeast, flashless = dark.

I just got a call from daycare. Seems Billy was bitten this morning. I'm glad they call to let us know when something's happened, but when I see that number on my caller ID my first thought is that I'll have to be heading home early to pick up a sick boy. I'm glad I don't have to do that today. Lots of work to be done.

I've scheduled a stitch lunch for tomorrow. My vendor meeting was cancelled so I can sit with the girls. We'll be four, maybe five. Fun stuff.

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Lauren said...

way to go on the sleeve, Annette. That is a pretty color!

Cute pic of Billy and doggie! ;)