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Thursday, August 18, 2005


So, three of us sat together and stitched at lunch today. Seems like our group will be growing. 7th floor lunchroom got us way more attention than the 6th floor. We may have two more knitters and a crocheter next week. Well, except I probably won't be there. Forgot I had a vendor lunch next week. Oh well, we're going to try to go weekly with it. As we get bigger, it will be easier and more self-sustaining, right?

Everyone was overly impressed with my sweater, until the Koigu scarf rocked their world. One of the future members is doing the leaf scarf from Vogue in pink Koigu. Stunning even in it's unblocked state.

Knitterly (I should say stitcherly as we do have a needlepointer) fellowship, what could be better?

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Lauren said...

That sounds like such fun, Annette! I am glad that you can take the time to do that at work! Take your camera along for pics next time ;)